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Did you see us on TV! (Pics Below)

Wow, what a day! We had so much FUN sharing our #1 Fan Favourite treat Gimme Schmooore. We provided some tips to making the ultimate ooey-gooey rice crispie treats!

Tip 1: Melt the salted butter on low heat to ensure you don't 'cook' the sugar.    

Tip 2: Use mini marshmallows so they melt faster.

Tip 3: Leave a few marshmallows unmelted to help the ooey-gooey factor.

Tip 4: Fold the rice crispie mixture so as not to smash the crispies and turn them into paste.

Tip 5: Once poured into you pan, don't over press them into the pan or they'll be dense instead of light and fluffy.